Nimozorman The Green

An eccentric old wizard in Fallcrest


The absent minded High Septarch of Fallcrest is the guild master (and sole member) of the town’s mages guild. He is very old for a human, in his eighties now. The old Wizard is privvy to information regarding the vale’s history perhaps seconded only by the dwarves of the region. The wizard is aloof and he possesses an unwarranted quantity of self-importance. However he considers his position in Fallcrest one of responsibility and would be willing to put himself in harms way for the safety of her people.

The party first encountered Nimozorman when he mistook their performance in the Market square for an arcane assault against the city’s farmers. He arrived on the scene with his apprentice Toblar Quickfoot in toe. A bit of diplomacy resolved the situation, and the eccentric mage has offered the party membership in the guild if they can discover the source of aggression for the local Kobolds.

Nimozorman The Green

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