Lord Falen Malekhay

Soverign of the city of Fallcrest


The hereditary lord of the town of Fallcrest Lord Malekhay is widely considered to be a good and just ruler. In person the lord speaks with a dry wit and effortless knowledge. During the evening he is often found at the Nentir inn enjoying a glass of wine, though he may appear to be quite carefree in the environment the troubles of Fallcrest always weigh heavily on the Lord’s mind. Lord Malekhay is a handsome man, though bald and a tad gray he has aged with dignity.

The party was introduced to the Lord after preforming at the Nentir Inn. He has offered the minstrels a generous bounty for eliminating the kobolds which are plaguing the town’s trade routes.http://www.obsidianportal.com/campaigns/minstrels/previews

Lord Falen Malekhay

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