Minstrels of No Great Renown

Session 2

Unfinished Business

The minstrels stood at the threshold of doom. A pair of doors leading to the high seat of the skull-kicker clan. They gathered there courage and approached.

“Wait a second” Loch

The group paused and reassessed their situation. The kobolds may be behind them as well as in front; they directed their attention to an unexplored exit from the skull-skull stadium. To ensure they wouldn’t be facing reinforcements the party sent their stealthy rogue, Loche to scout the area.

Sure enough the stairs revealed more kobolds standing guard. They stand idle in an ancient tomb under the gaze of an evil shrine. The party decided to remove the threats. They formulated a plan of attack, sneaked up on the little creatures, and quickly watched their strategy fall to ruin. The room featured an array of traps which quickly incapacitated the more martial minstrels.

Though the kobolds were defeated several still managed to escape. A green tinted lizard of an unknown tribe was the first to flee up the stairs on the far end of the room. Loch gave chase and executed the creature, returning to the fray in the tomb. Tallulah and Pavlyn pursued another retreating kobold who managed to narrowly escape through the double doors to the cheif’s throne.

As the kobold escaped Regdar and Loch were still in the tomb, attempting to keep the teifling rogue mobile despite a full paralysis of his lower body. When his legs were restored to their typical nimble form he resumed sneaking through the remainder of the dungeon. Following the path of the green kobold he exposed what Pavlyn calculated as the last section of the manor which had not been explored.

The room was nondescript and quite dark but Loch’s eyes could still make out a pit near the center and a portcullis fixed overhead a kobold slinger. The body of his last victim had been removed. He sprung on a nearby lever and nearly crushed the creature under this iron gate. The shifty beasts narrowly dodged the mechanism and was locked out of reach of the party.

The minstrels took advantage of this separation and barricaded themselves into the tomb. The irony was not lost on them. As their rest ended Pavlyn and Regdar made a closer inspection of the shrine which the kobolds had been making offerings to. They deduced it was a shrine to Tiamat the dark dragon god of envy and greed. But subtler markings revealed that this was not its original purpose. Through careful use of cantrips and liberal applications of violence the pair managed to restore the shrine to its original patron Kord. Newly consecrated with residuum the altar emitted a uproarious thunder. It was clear now that the former gladiator held Kord’s blessing.

As loche and Tallulah ended their short rest Regdar was at work removing the makeshift barricade of sarcophagi he had placed just minutes earlier. Once again the party assaulted the skull-skull room. The remaining kobolds within the hall had retaken strategic positioning and forced the fighters to give their all.

Several spells, stabs, and decapitations later another barricade was established to keep the chief from making any offensive maneuvers. A short breather turned into a short nap as Tallulah’s song of rest seemed to lul even herself to sleep.

Pavlyn was roused from his meditation to see Skrilk returning to the party. She requested the kobolds of her tribe be released from their bounds and the party obliged. She stressed the urgency of the situation in herdraconic tongue and pressed the party forward.

Loche was once again scouting and surveyed the chieftans room. Rigged with an enormous boulder trap and several more reinforcements than expected he fell back to the party to formulate a plan. As Regdar and Skrilk discussed the implications of the boulder on their approach, Pavlyn was considering an unorthodox solution. He gathered a measure of residuum from his pouch and began the incantations necessary to speak draconic convincingly. Pavlyn then snuck just past the double doors to convince the trap master to set the boulder off prematurely.

The skull-kickers elite guard has been alerted. The wyrmpriest of the skull-kickers makes his final stand against the aggressions of foolhardy minstrels…



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